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Curio is inspired by fragrant botanicals

Curio is inspired by fragrant botanicals and natural ingredients that reflect our culture, heritage and locality.

Curio: Curious by nature and Curio by name, the genre-redefining range from Cornwall includes age-old ingredients such as rock samphire and cardamom to create tipples that are curiously attractive and flavoursome with every sip.

Curio introduces small-batch spirits that are adventurous and selectively seducing. We dare you to be curious and try out our gin and vodka flavours

Our history

2010 - A lingering passion

Husband and wife, William and Rubina Tyler-Street become curious about setting up a bespoke spirits brand that celebrates Cornwall and its native flavours. The couple decide to invest in a pair of stills, a rotary evaporator and the experiments begin.

2012 - A brand is born

Drawing on years of hard work, dedication, consultation and training with two master distillers, Rubina and William create Curio - a flavoursome spirit imbibed with age-old ingredients.

2014 - Curio is launched

Curio launches quietly in Mullion, deep West Cornwall with Curio Rock Samphire Gin, Peruvian Cocoa Nib Vodka and Cardamom vodka. Word spreads and the local post office and corner shop places an order.

2015 - People become curious about Curio

After attending e few local farmer's markets, Curio starts to create a few ripples and the orders start to come think and fast - so much it is decided to offer a mail order service.

The flavours

Curio gin, sourced with Cornish spring water, is quadrupled distilled with 15 other fragrant botanicals, including Kombu seaweed sourced by The Cornish Seaweed Company, to create a delicious gin, so smooth and of such exceptional quality it can be imbibed on its own with ice and garnish.

Our flavours


Augmenting the Curio range of handcrafted spirits is Curio Cardamom Vodka. Again using pristine Cornish spring water, Curio Cardamom Vodka infuses organic cardamom seeds to forge a spicy-yet-citrus instilled short that although smooth, leaves a warming aftertaste on the palate.

Also loyal to the Curio ethos of creating flavours from natural botanicals, is its vodka infused with Peruvian cocoa nibs. The Peruvian cocoa nibs, ethically sourced from The Chocolarder, create a heavenly, sophisticated, smooth chocolate tasting vodka after being ground and distilled four times.

The Curio team

Why try Curio?

Curio spirits are handmade in small batches from fresh Cornish spring water and hand-foraged rock samphire along with other selected hand-harvested botanicals. It is an artisan range of spirits for the connoisseur.

Our mail order service is quick, safe and reliable. Why drive miles to your nearest stockist, when your can have your favourite, bespoke spirit delivered to your door?

We love what we do and as a small team strive to produce the best spirits with the best service. Curio is a real cottage industry defying the odds of the mass market producers.